Bears With Guns are pacifists on a mission

 New single ‘Let Go’

 Sydney based five-piece Bears With Guns live performance brings a blend of delicate acoustic ballads, powerful guitar solos and driving rhythms. The Bears’ have cultivated a soundscape that’s equal parts rock and pop with a nod to their original folk roots.

The band’s journey has taken them extensively around Australia and abroad. Gigging with acts such as The Delta Riggs, Stonefield and Timberwolf as well as playing Rhythm and Vines and appearing in the ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ campaign. Their next stop will be Nashville, USA in mid 2016 for showcases and songwriting.

Their mission subtly reveals itself through their work with the Oak Tree Foundation presenting as ambassadors for the End Poverty Road Trip. The new single ‘Let Go’ features in the Paralympics campaign that has already received over half a million hits on Facebook.


Bears With Guns debut EP Taken For A Fool featured the lead title single produced by multi ARIA Award-winner Wayne Connolly (Boy and Bear, The Vines, Josh Pyke and Sarah Blasko). Wayne also recorded and mixed tracks on The Bears’ follow up EP Only The Quick and the Hungry along with producer Sean Carey.

“The Bears’ music is an enthralling mix of blissed-out folk tunes … songs that tunnels inside the gut, resolutely refusing to shift. Far wiser beyond their years …” — Ed Gibbs, Rolling Stone

Their new single Let Go (produced by Wayne Connolly and re-mixed by Evan McHugh) is out now! L.A. based producer Al Clay (The Pixies, Blur, Pink, the Stereophonics) was recently in the studio with the band working on some tracks for their next EP to be released in April.

“One of six Australian artists who need to be on your radar” – Music Insight, 2016

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“Let Go” is available to purchase through iTunes. Their EPs ‘Only the Quick and the Hungry’ and ‘Taken For A Fool’ are available for purchase at Highway 125 and iTunes.