22 thoughts on “Music

  1. Had the best time dancing to your set on Friday night at Transit Bar in Canberra! Thanks for the awesome tunes. Looking for a copy of your album now!

  2. Hey guys, I caught up with you at the Bellingen Markets back in early 2013. I bought your Taken For A Fool CD and have to say I have never flogged 5 tracks as hard as the 5 on that CD. The Berlin intro just gets me PUMPED as soon as it kicks off.
    Thank You!

  3. Thanks Guys. Saw you at the Marble Bar tonight. Really like your new songs, too. When does your next EP/Album come out? Greg Smith

  4. Saw you guys at the Seymour the other week. Bought your CD and have been listening to it ever since. Great. Thanks for the music. Where are you playing next and what’s the best way to find out about upcoming gigs?

  5. Saw you at the Seymour a couple of weeks ago. Got your EP then and have been playing ever since. Thanks for the great music.

  6. You Guys are amazing, I found your music while looking for something new and what I hear was amazing, I’m from Mexico and you absolutely kick ass! Really enjoy your music and hope I can see you live one day!

  7. Awesome guys just watched you play at the Gearin, hats off to you all. So talented and down to earth thank you for a wonderful night. Xoxo

  8. Best group of guys out there man. You guys are legendary musicians and just down right nice guys. So good to meet you and share in your music. See ye all soon. Peace. Mark and Kasia.

  9. Heard you today at Kirribilli markets, and bought your CD. Listening to it now. Absolutely loving it, wonderful stuff!

  10. Saw you guys for the second time at the kings x hotel, even more amazing than the first time. Much respect to you. Absolutely love what youre doing. Very excited for the new release from what I heard there. I’ll have to make a mock facebook just to keep informed.
    Regards, probably your biggest fan,
    Cooper xx

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